Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Are you worried about being able to afford to stay in or maintain your home as you get older?


H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc. offers free, confidential, unbiased information and counseling to senior homeowners about reverse mortgages, tax relief options, and low-cost home repair programs that can help you maintain your independence.


As certified members of the HUD-HECM housing counseling network, our trained counselors will provide objective guidance. We do not advocate specific products or a particular course of action. Our role is to help you understand your options so that you can make informed choices.

What to Expect When You Call for an Appointment


STEP ONE: When you call our office for information, we will first verify that you are a senior homeowner residing in DuPage County.


STEP TWO: A Housing Counselor will then spend a few minutes on the phone with you, gathering some basic information that will help the counselor prepare to meet with you.


STEP THREE: We will send you a packet of forms and information.

All counseling is done by appointment only. Please call (630)260-2504 for more information or to arrange your counseling session.


PLEASE NOTE:  While we welcome calls from a senior’s loved one and adviser, we will not discuss the senior’s circumstances with anyone or allow their presence in a counseling session without the senior’s express written consent.


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Your counselor will advise you as to what personal and financial information you will need to submit in order to make your counseling session as useful as possible. In general, your counselor will need to know about your cash flow, financial resources, and any bills you are worried about being able to pay.


Prior to your appointment, try to identify your specific financial needs and goals for counseling. For example, are you short of cash every month, or only when property taxes are due? Are you overwhelmed by debts? Inform your counselor so that she can help you find the best solutions to meet your needs.


You also will receive some helpful information about reverse mortgages. If you are considering a reverse mortgage, we strongly recommend that you read these publications prior to your appointment.


IHDA Reverse Mortgage Assistance Program  Illinois Homeowners with an FHA Reverse Mortgage may qualify for up to $35,000 in federal assistance.