Lenders: H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc. is DuPage County’s Best Resource for Mortgage Professionals

Supporting H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc. is a win-win opportunity for your business and our community.


Financial Institutions – looking for quality CRA opportunities?

Learn how membership in H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc. can help you fulfill your Lending, Investment, and Service test objectives by reading about CRA Opportunities.


Customers with Credit or Debt Issues?

Our Housing Counselors can help your clients tackle barriers to ownership such as bad credit or excessive debt. Our comprehensive Individual Pre-purchase Counseling includes a financial and credit analysis and a creation of a personalized home ownership action plan.


Customers with Affordability Limitations?

Our DuPage Homestead Program offers special financing that boosts the purchasing power of qualified first-time buyers to enable them to afford a home in DuPage County.


Certification Requirements or Education Needs?

Let us save you staff time and money by handling all of your home buyer education needs. Our Home Buyer Education Classes offer a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the home purchase process and can meet third-party certification requirements.


Looking for Leads and Referrals?

Our Annual Home Buyers Fair provides exhibits, information, and workshops for first-time home buyers and is widely recognized as the premiere event of its kind in the metro area. Participation is open only to lenders who are H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc. members.

Be a featured speaker at our Home Buyer Education Classes – it’s is a great way to generate leads while also serving the community. Call us at (630) 260-2501 to get on the list for our next Speaker Orientation Class. These opportunities are open only to H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc. members!