Financial Fitness

Understanding your finances is much more than just being able to balance a checkbook.  It is vital to know where your money is going, how to create a spending plan, establish savings, and how to manage your debt.  H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc.’s Financial Fitness Program teaches you the skills to help you manage your finances long-term and to plan for your financial future by making sound financial decisions.


Our Financial Fitness Program offers group workshops, as well as, one-on-one counseling sessions with an NCHEC Certified Financial Coach. Just click here if you’re interested in individual counseling. You can also call 630.260.2500 ext. 2501 to schedule a H.O.M.E. workshop or Financial Fitness coaching session.


Financial Fitness Workshops Cover

Personal Budget


Learn to develop a financial plan to make smart spending choices today, while preparing for tomorrow. Have a spending plan that focuses on the importance of tracking income & spending, establishes discipline concerning needs vs. wants and encourages the practice of saving. Developing a spending plan will give you freedom to achieve financial goals and prepare for unexpected financial bumps in the road.


Understanding the Credit Report


Today’s economy runs on credit. Credit plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Your score will determine if you can rent an apartment, borrow money, or open a credit card. It can also impact employment opportunities. This workshop emphasizes the significance of your credit score, explains what a credit report is, clarifies how a credit score is determined and defines different types of credit.


Avoiding Credit Mistakes


This workshop is a thorough exploration of the financial and personal details on a credit report. A good credit score allows you more purchasing power, a nice apartment, your dream job or a new car. A bad credit score says you are a risk. You will learn to avoid credit mistakes before they impact you and strategies to help rebuild your credit score. Identity theft is discussed as well.


Bank On It


Learn about the benefits of utilizing banking services and the different types of financial products available through banks. Being banked offers security, convenience, access to interest and loans and better access to credit cards. Learn about non-traditional and, often times, predatory financial services and their devastating  consequences. It is time to stop paying fees to manage your money. Get banked!


Being a Smart Shopper

Becoming a smart shopper takes skill and insight, including finding a balance between Needs vs. Wants. You will learn to recognize value and shopping strategies. Learn what APR and MSRP mean and how they impact your purchasing power. You will learn to become a well-informed consumer and save lots of money!


Protecting Your Assets


Learn about the different stages of your financial life and how they impact your financial security. Learn how to save and invest money for expected and unexpected life-events. You will learn about retirement investment options, the range and significance of different insurance products, and the importance of estate planning.